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9th March 2009
ThE jOyS oF mAsHiNg
by Mike Scott

JuSt for the pHun of it, like, and 'cOs I've nUtHin else to dO today, I've been at the mASh-uPs again, taking a fave wAtErBoYs track and playing aRoUnD with it. Yesterday it was the oUtRo from CROwN, today it's ShE TrIeD tO HoLd mE. Found an old rOuGh mix of the sOnG, done early iN the rEcOrDiNg prOCess, featuring a cOuNtRy lead guitar by ChRiS bRuCe that we didn't UsE in the FiNaL mix. Sounded gOLDuRnEd great. Wove it together with the mAiN song, used an extended ouTrO (the record's OuTrO was edited) with ChRiS's main gUiTaR solo, stuck 'em all together then aDdEd a couple of fUnKy subtle dRuM LoOps to the whole thing (you'll never nOtiCE them, but you'll fEeL 'em).

This is pLaY, and the toys are gArAgEbAnD and BiAs pEaK (wicked cOmPtUtEr pRoGraMmes, for the uNiNiTiAtEd among you). Reminds me of the wEeKs I spent in 2o07 editing and mEsSiNg with other peoples' mUsiC when I was preparing the WaTeRbOyS pre-gig tapes. I just LoVe turning stuff sDrAwKcAb, iNsIdE uP & dOwNsiDe UnDeR. cOoL being able to ExPlOdE them straight to mySpAcE too. Expect mOrE.