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19th May 2009
More deep forgotten words of light
by Mike Scott

I'm Working my way through AE's book The Avatars, and now it turns out to be about two gods who appear on earth and their impact on a group of friends, including the poet, seeker and seer mentioned in the last blog. As before, as I go through the book I'm noting quotes that speak to me with a spiritual energy and wisdom, and here again is a selection:

"What we really love in others is not what they seem to the outer but to the inner vision."

"I always thought the Golden Age never really departed from earth. Driven out of cities and palaces, it still lingers in remote valleys like this."

"Civilisation began in some primæval forest when a woman first plucked a flower and put it in her hair, and appeared like a spirit to her savage lover."

"I read books prophetic about the future but the writers conceive only of more perfect mechanisms, not of a lordlier humanity. They imagine nothing about ourselves. Yet what could me more exciting? Whether, for instance, in ten thousand years we may not be able to send our thoughts as we will to distant friends; whether we might not be able to extend consciousness into nature and interpret to ourselves the life of rock, water, earth or tree. Our prophets do not speculate on human destiny, whether that other world which shines invisibly about us might not gradually become as native to us as this; whether we might not find the wings of the psyche unfolding and a spiritual body be born from the womb of this mortal body. We have in us in germ such powers. Their development is not incredible."

"The wise ones assume excellent forms in secret."

"How great a price we must pay to be made luminous within!"

"When I woke yesterday morning I felt like a boat whose anchor had been lifted and the wind was blowing it out of harbour."

"The universe itself is nothing but Imagination ceaselessly creative. The Imagination and Will which uphold it are in us also."

"You and I carry the universe in our packs."

"That young girl has been burdened with great mysteries. You were right to question nothing, to ask no more. These are things which are lost through speaking of them. It would be wrong to break her mood of wonder. In solitude she may recall and make those marvels all her own. When she has made them secure in memory she will tell us about them and I am sure she will understand. I do not believe vision is vouchsafed to any without its interpretation."