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Fisherman's Blues(2007)

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Released tracks are indicated with the Released symbol. This list does not include instrumentals, impromptu joke songs or songs played but not fully recorded. This list only includes sessions at which master recordings were made. Overdub/mixing sessions are not included.

1) WINDMILL LANE January 23 1986
ProducerMike Scott
BandScott/Wickham/Anto/Hutchinson/Peter MicKinney - Drums
1This track has been releasedFisherman's Blues (on "Fisherman's Blues")
2This track has been releasedSweet Thing/Blackbird (Van Morrison/Beatles) (on "Fisherman's Blues")
3This track has been releasedGirl Of The North Country (Dylan) (on "Fisherman's Blues" 2006 remaster, and Uncut Magazine Dylan covers CD, 2002)
4This track has been releasedMeet Me At The Station (Brother Williams Memphis Sanctified Singers) (on "Fisherman's Blues" 2006 remaster)
5 Drunken Head Ghost Of Rimbaud Blues
6 Will You Ever Be My Friend ?
7 Sleek White Schooner
8 World Party
9 Saints And Angels
10 Stranger To Me
11 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams)
12 The Wayward Wind (Doris Day/Neil Young)
13 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Dylan)
2) WINDMILL LANE March 22/23 1986
ProducerBob Johnston
BandS/W/A/H/Dave Ruffy - Drums
14This track has been releasedWe Will Not Be Lovers (on "Fisherman's Blues")
15 I'll Meet You In Heaven Again
16 One Step Closer
17 If You Don't xxxx Me
18 Queen Bess/My Love For This Woman
19 When The Ship Comes In (Bob Dylan)
3) WINDMILL LANE July 1/2 1986
BandAs above
20This track has been releasedThe Ladder (on "Too Close To Heaven")
21 B.P. Villain
22 Rattle My Bones And Shiver My Soul
23 Too Hot For Cleanhead
24 Will You Ever Be My Friend ? (version 2)
4) WINDMILL LANE August 23/29 1986
BandS/W/A/H/John Donnolly, P. McKinney, Noel Bridgeman, Paul Moran - Drums. Guests: Liam O'Maonlai - Piano/Donal Lunny - Bouzouki
25This track has been releasedLost Highway (Leon Payne) ('b' side of "Fisherman's Blues" single)
26This track has been releasedLonesome And A Long Way From Home (on "Fisherman's Blues" 2006 remaster and bonus CD with US 'Fisherman's Blues Part Two' album)
27 Strange Boat
28 Happy Birthday B.P. Fallon
29 World Party (version 2)
30 Will The Circle Be Unbroken ? (Carter Family/Gospel song)
31 You Don't Have To Be In The Army (Mungojerry)
5) WINDMILL LANE September 13/18 1986
BandS/W/A/H/Kevin Wilkinson
32This track has been releasedToo Close To Heaven (on "Too Close To Heaven")
33This track has been releasedTenderfootin' (on "Too Close To Heaven")
34 Dreamboy
6) FANTASY STUDIOS, BERKELEY, CA December 2/7 1986
ProducerBob Johnston
BandS/W/A/John Pattitucci, Anders Rundblatt, Ross Valery-Bs/Jim Keltner, Scott Matthews, Prairie Prince - Drms
35This track has been releasedLonesome Old Wind (on "Too Close To Heaven")
36This track has been releasedBlues For Your Baby (on "Too Close To Heaven")
37This track has been releasedSoon As I Get Home (Roscoe Corner) (on "Fisherman's Blues" 2006 remaster, and part 2 only on 12" & CD single "Whole Of The Moon" 1991)
38This track has been releasedAin't Leavin', I'm Gone (on bonus CD with US version of "TCTH")
39 You In The Sky
40 Saints And Angels (version 2)
41 Has Anybody Here Seen Hank ?
42 When Will We Be Married ?
43 Maggie (Trad. Irish)
44 Too Hot For Cleanhead (version 2)
45 On My Way To Heaven (anon. Gospel song)
7) WINDMILL LANE December 20/21 1986
BandS/W/A/H/Bridgeman, McKinney - Drums. Guest: Frank Lane - Dobro, Pedal Steel
46This track has been releasedCome Live With Me (F&B Bryant) ('b' side of "How Long Will I Love You" Irish single)
47 Heading Down The Highway
48 Billy The Kid (Ry Cooder)
49 I'm In Love And I'm Glad
8) WINDMILL LANE February 5/8 1987
BandS/W/A/H/Pete Thomas - Drums
50This track has been releasedHigher In Time (version 2: "Scottish" version) (12" & CD "Whole Of The Moon" 1991)
51 Higher In Time
52 Too Hot For Cleanhead (version 3)
53 I'll Meet You In Heaven Again (version 2)
54 Has Anybody Here Seen Hank (version 2)
9) WINDMILL LANE February 17/28 1987
BandS/W/A/H/Peter McKinney - Drums. Guest: Vinnie Kilduff - Pipes, Bodhran
55This track has been releasedKilling My Heart (on "The Best Of The Waterboys")
56This track has been releasedA Golden Age (on 'b' side of "The Whole Of The Moon" single 1991)
57This track has been releasedCuster's Blues (on "Too Close To Heaven")
58This track has been releasedHigher In Time (version 3) (on "Too Close To Heaven")
59This track has been releasedHigher In Time (version 4) (on free CD with US version of 'Too Close To Heaven')
60This track has been releasedYou In The Sky (version 2) (on "Fisherman's Blues" 2006 remaster)
61This track has been releasedNobody 'Cept You (Dylan) (on "Fisherman's Blues" 2006 remaster)
62This track has been releasedRattle My Bones And Shiver My Soul (version 2) (on "Fisherman's Blues" 2006 remaster)
63 Jimmy Shand
64 If You See Jimmy Hickey
65 Gather By The River
66 BP's Bathtub Boogie
67 Too Hot For Cleanhead (version 4)
68 Drunken Head Ghost Of Rimbaud Blues (version 2)
69 When Will We Be Married ? (version 2)
70 Strange Boat (version 2)
71 Can't Feel At Home In This World Anymore (anon. gospel song)
10) WINDMILL LANE March 7/15 1987
BandS/W/A/H/Kevin Wilkinson-Drums
72This track has been releasedWorld Party (version 3) (on "Fisherman's Blues")
73This track has been releasedIf I Can't Have You (on "Fisherman's Blues" 2006 remaster)
74 I'll Meet You In Heaven Again (version 3)
75 Mr Customs Man
11) WINDMILL LANE March 19/25 1987
BandS/W/A/H/N.Bridgeman-Drums. Guests:V.Kilduff - Pipes/Donal Lunny-Bodhran
76This track has been releasedKilling My Heart (version 2) ( ćon "Fisherman's Blues" 2006 remaster)
77This track has been releasedWhen Will We Be Married (version 3) (on "Fisherman's Blues" 2006 remaster)
12) WINDMILL LANE April 4/5 1987
BandS/W/A/H/P. McKinney - Drms
78 Fisherman's Blues (version 2)
79 Meet Me At The Station (version 2)
80 Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
13) WINDMILL LANE May 13/14 1987
ProducerMS & V.Kilduff
BandS/W/A/H/Fran Breen, N.Bridgeman-Drms/V.Kilduff-Pipes, Whis, Ac Gtr, Mth Org/Colin Blakey-Flute, Pno. Guests: Steve Cooney-Dijeridu, Sid of Stockton's Wing-Pno
81This track has been releasedStrange Boat (version 3) (on "Fisherman's Blues")
82This track has been releasedOn My Way To Heaven (version 2) (on "Too Close To Heaven")
83This track has been releasedA Home In The Meadow (Lyrics: Cahn & Newman) (on "Too Close To Heaven")
84This track has been releasedFisherman's Blues (version 3) (on "Fisherman's Blues" 2006 remaster)
85This track has been releasedLet Me Feel Holy Again (on "Fisherman's Blues" 2006 remaster)
86 Drunken Head Ghost Of Rimbaud Blues (version 3)
87 Meet Me At The Station (version 3)
88 Too Hot For Cleanhead (version 5)
89 Has Anybody Here Seen Hank ? (version 3)
90 Heading Down The Highway (version 2)
91 A Golden Age (version 2)
14) WINDMILL LANE June 3 1987
BandS/W/A/H/V. Kilduff - Pipes, Whis
92This track has been releasedStrange Boat (version 4)/The Good Ship Sirius (on "Fisherman's Blues" 2006 remaster)
15) THE FACTORY, DUBLIN March 30/ April 1 1988
BandS/W/A/H/Jay Dee Daugherty - Drums
93 And A Bang on The Ear
94 On My Way To Tara
95 Twa' Recruitin' Sergeants
16) SPIDDAL HOUSE, GALWAY April 13/ June 2 1988
ProducerMS & John Dunford
BandS/W/A/H/Jay Dee Daugherty, Brendan O'Neill, Fran Breen-Drms. Guests: Colin Blakey-Flute, Border Horn/Padraig Stevens-Perc./Alec Finn-Bouzouki/Frankie Gavin & Charlie Lennon-Fiddles/Brendan O'Regan-Bouz./Mairtin O'Connor-Accordion
96This track has been releasedAnd A Bang On The Ear (version 2) (on "Fisherman's Blues")
97This track has been releasedHas Anybody Here Seen Hank (version 4) (on "Fisherman's Blues")
98This track has been releasedWhen Ye Go Away (on "Fisherman's Blues")
99This track has been releasedJimmy Hickey's Waltz (on "Fisherman's Blues")
100This track has been releasedWhen Will We Be Married ? (version 4) (on "Fisherman's Blues")
101This track has been releasedThe Stolen Child (on "Fisherman's Blues")
102This track has been releasedThis Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie) (on "Fisherman's Blues")
103This track has been releasedGood Ship Sirius (version 2)/Ship In Full Sail/Dunford's Fancy (on "Fman's Blues")
104This track has been releasedCarolan's Welcome (O'Carolan, Irish) (on "Fisherman's Blues" 2006 remaster)
105 Strange Boat (version 5)
106 In Search Of A Rose
107 In Search Of A Rose (version 2)
108 Mister Customs Man
109 Spring Comes To Spiddal
110 Buckets Of Rain (Bob Dylan)
17) ROCKFIELD STUDIOS, WALES July 18/19 1988
BandS/W/A/H/Aaron Ahmun - Drums. Guest: Dave Morris - Keyboards
111 Fisherman's Blues (version 4)
112 Saints And Angels (version 3)