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Fisherman's Blues(2007)

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DAYS OF SPIDDAL HOUSE: a calendar April-June 1988

Mike Scott writes: “The 6 or 7 weeks of Waterboys recording sessions at Spiddal House in Spring 1988 passed like a dream, and they form a enchanted but imprecise memory in my mind; a memory filled with sea, sky, music and old stone masonry. Many years later, using old documents and tape boxes, I pieced together the actual order of events - and here it is”

13-15 April And A Bang On The Ear
16 April day off
17-18 And A Bang on The Ear (overdubs)
20-22 April Mr Customs Man
23-24 April days off
25-26 April Spring Comes to Spiddal (Mike solo version)
26-27 April Strange Boat (acoustic version)
28-2 May In Search Of A Rose (band version)
30 April This Land Is Your Land
(recorded at house party)
1 May day off
3-5 May Good Ship Sirius set (incl. Dunford's Fancy)
6 May In Search Of A Rose (Mike & Steve acoustic version)
6-7 May When Will We Be Married ?
8-9 May days off
10 May various overdubs
11-12 May Jimmy Hickey's Waltz
13 May various overdubs
14 May Carolan's Welcome
15 May When Ye Go Away
16-21 May holiday (Mike & Trev to isle of Inisheer, later joined by Steve)
22-23 May When Ye Go Away (overdubs)
23 May Jimmy Hickey's Waltz (overdubs)
24-26 May Has Anybody Here Seen Hank ?
26 May Doug D'Arcy from Chrysalis Records visited for playbacks
27-1 June The Stolen Child
2 June The Stolen Child (Tomas Jimmy & Woodland Band overdubs)
2 June Last night jam: Buckets Of Rain/Reavey's Reel/Pictish National Anthem
Guest musicians
13-22 April Jay Dee Daugherty (drums)
29-2 May Brendan O'Neill (drums)
3-4 May Ben O'Regan (bouzouki)
14-15 May Frankie Gavin (fiddle), Alec Finn (bouzouki), Charlie Lennon (fiddle)
24-25 May Fran Breen (drums)
24-2 June Colin Blakey (flute)
29-2 June Padraig Stevens (percussion/drums)
2 June Tomas Mac Eoin (vocals)
Photo for front cover taken on 25 May