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A Rock In The Weary Land(2000)

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Thighpaulsandra is a synthesizer wizard from Wales. He has played for several years with Julian Cope and is currently with Spiritualized. He has his own group Coil and has done string arrangements including Kevin Rowland's "My Beauty" album. You can hear Thighpaulsandra on much of "A Rock In The Weary Land" and on Julian Cope albums including "Interpreter" and "Twenty Mothers" as well as the forthcoming Spiritualized album.


Jeremy is an English drummer who first played with Mike Scott in 1997's "Still Burning" band and on Mike's recording of Kate Bush's "Why Should I Love You?" (on the EMI 'Come Again' compilation album). Jeremy also toured throughout 1998 with Echo And The Bunnymen. He has played and performed with dozens of bands and artists including The Lemon Trees, Tori Amos, Sheryl Crow, World Party and Robbie Williams. He plays on half of "A Rock In The Weary Land".


Livingstone is a bass player originally from Nottingham, now based in London. He plays on half of "A Rock In The Weary Land" and toured with The Waterboys in June 2000, including their Glastonbury Festival appearance. "Livvy" played and recorded with blues guitarist Robin Trower and is currently producing records at his own studio in London.


Kevin, from Swindon, was the original Waterboys drummer, playing with Mike and Anto on and off from 1982 to 1987, and contributing heavily to the "A Pagan Place" album. He played on "Crown" on "A Rock In The Weary Land". Over the years he recorded and toured with Squeeze, China Crisis, Fish, Howard Jones and many other artists. Kevin took his own life in July 1999.


Anthony comes from Lutterworth, near Leicester in England and worked constantly with Mike Scott from 1982 to 1991. He plays on the first 5 Waterboys albums and all the compilations. He has recorded with numerous artists including Psychedelic Furs, Sharon Shannon, Johnny Thunders, Fairground Attraction, Robyn Hitchcock, The Mission, TV Smith and The Sawdoctors. He has released 3 solo albums : "Aesop Wrote A Fable", "Cartwheels" and "Crawfish And Caviar". Anthony plays on "We Are Jonah" and "Crown" on "A Rock In The Weary Land", guested with Mike at some 1998 concerts and is expected to return to The Waterboys live line up in the future.


Richard is from north London and met Mike when Mike overheard his piano playing spilling from a neighbouring studio during sessions for "A Rock In The Weary Land". They have worked together ever since, Richard playing piano on "We Are Jonah" and "The Wind In The Wires" and backing Mike at several acoustic shows before joining The Waterboys as keyboard player in time for the June 2000 dates. Richard also plays in The Faith Band and with his girlfriend Catrin in Catacoustics. He is a big fan of The Damned and was nicknamed "Titch" by an exuberant Waterboys fan during a show in Greenock, Scotland.


Dave was a member of famous punk group The Ruts and later worked with Aztec Camera, The Waterboys (1985-6 : Dave appears on "Live Adventures" and "Fisherman's Blues"), Sinead O' Connor and World Party. He played some shows with Mike Scott in summer 1998 and contributes percussion to "My Love Is My Rock In The Weary Land" and hip-hop drum programming to "Night Falls On London". Most recently he co-produced and played on Kirsty MacColl's "Tropical Brainstorm" album.


Gilad is a jazz saxman from Palestine living in London. He plays with the Gilad Atzmon Trio, who have released an album called "Take It Or Leave It". Gilad also played with the late Ian Dury and The Blockheads. He contributed multiple saxes and a middle eastern horn (the sol) to "Crown" on "A Rock In The Weary Land".


Steve Orchard is a recording engineer, a member of the Air Studios organisation. He worked with Mike on "A Rock In The Weary Land" from August 1999 to May 2000, including the mixing of the album, and introduced Mike to the "Culture Vulture" fuzzbox and several other effects units.


Nick is another Air Studios engineer and he worked on the first half of the "Weary Land" sessions, from February to July 2000. He spends most of his time working on film soundtrack recordings. He first worked with Mike during final sessions for "Still Burning" in 1996.