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Fisherman's Blues Box Set(0)

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0/ Stranger to Me
1/ Girl of the North Country
2/ I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
3/ Fisherman's Blues (Piano Version)
4/ Fisherman's Blues
5/ Meet Me at the Station
6/ I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
7/ Born to Be Together
8/ The Wayward Wind
9/ World Party (1st Version)
10/ World Party/A Golden Age
11/ Sleek White Schooner
12/ Drunken Head Ghost of Rimbaud Blues
13/ Sweet Thing
14/ Sweet Thing (Conclusion)
15/ Saints and Angels
16/ We Will Not Be Lovers
17/ One Step Closer
18/ My Beautiful Baby
19/ She Could Have Had Me Step By Step
20/ When the Ship Comes In
21/ The Ladder
22/ Will You Ever Be My Friend?
23/ Too Close to Heaven (Rolling Piano)
24/ Higherbound (Prototype)
25/ Happy Birthday BP Fallon
26/ The Prettiest Girl in Church
27/ You Don't Have to Be in the Army to Fight in the War
28/ Dee Jay Way
29/ Lonesome and a Long Way from Home
30/ Thistlethwaite's Declaration
31/ Strange Boat (First Play)
32/ Lost Highway
33/ Higherbound Blues
34/ Let Us Be Drinking and Kissing the Women
35/ Will the Circle Be Unbroken
36/ Tenderfootin'
37/ Too Close to Heaven
38/ Space Out There, Trevor
39/ Steve and Anto's Overture
40/ Ain't Leavin', I'm Gone
41/ When Will We Be Married (1st Version)
42/ When I First Said I Loved Only You, Maggie
43/ Love Is Letting Go
44/ On My Way to Heaven (1st Version)
45/ You in the Sky (1st Version)
46/ The Secret Place of the Most High
47/ Too Hot for Cleanhead
48/ Wickham's Proclamation
49/ Blues for Your Baby
50/ Lonesome Old Wind
51/ If Jimi Was Here
52/ Soon As I Get Home
53/ SgtPepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
54/ Billy the Kid
55/ The Bottle Let Me Down
56/ Come Live With Me
57/ I Miss the Road
58/ Higher in Time (Two Pianos)
59/ Too Hot for Cleanhead (Fast Version)
60/ Higher in Time (Scottish)
61/ Higherbound (3rd Tune)
62/ A Golden Age
63/ You in the Sky
64/ I Will Meet You in Heaven Again
65/ Nobody 'Cept You
66/ (He Hasn't Been the Same Since) Jimmy Shand
67/ Rattle My Bones and Shiver My Soul
68/ The Scotsman's Delight
69/ Killing My Heart
70/ Industrial MrBrown
71/ Custer's Blues
72/ Shall We Gather By the River
73/ Higher in Time Symphony
74/ Higherbound (3rd Version)
75/ The Grief of Pan
76/ World Party
77/ Working On a Building
78/ If I Can't Have You
79/ Killing My Heart (2nd Version)
80/ Trunk Call
81/ Headphone Mix Song
82/ SgtPepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
83/ When Will We Be Married (2nd Version)
84/ BP's Bathtub Boogie
85/ We Will Not Be Lovers (Sax Solo)
86/ Heading Down the Highway
87/ Strange Boat
88/ Fisherman's Blues (2nd Version)
89/ Has Anybody Seen Hank? (Bridgeman Version)
90/ On My Way to Heaven
91/ Let Me Feel Holy Again
92/ A Home in the Meadow
93/ Strange Boat (3rd Version)/The Good Ship Sirius
94/ The Stolen Child (Prototype)
95/ On My Way to Tara
96/ Twa Recruitin' Sergeants
97/ Incident at Puck Fair
98/ And a Bang On the Ear
99/ MrCustoms Man
100/ Strange Boat
101/ Spring Comes to Spiddal
102/ In Search of a Rose (Band)
103/ The Stolen Child (Piano Demo)
104/ When Will We Be Married
105/ In Search of a Rose (Duo)
106/ The Good Ship Sirius (Set of Jigs)
107/ This Land Is Your Land
108/ Jimmy Hickey's Waltz
109/ Live Aid and After
110/ Carolan's Welcome
111/ When Ye Go Away
112/ When Ye Go Away (Frankie's Fiddle)
113/ Has Anybody Here Seen Hank?
114/ The Stolen Child (Vocal Demo)
115/ Dunford's Fancy
116/ The Stolen Child
117/ Pictish National Anthem (Comati)
118/ Bo Diddley Was a Caveman
119/ The Last Jam
120/ Buckets of Rain